Bar turning

Bar turning is a machining operation performed by chip removal on machining centers identified by the acronym CNC.

These machine tools are an evolution of the parallel lathe. Thanks to an integrated, computerized numerical control system, they are able to digitally manage all the tools required for turning operations within the dimensional tolerances required in the customer drawing.

High-precision components such as pins, rods, shafts, spacers, bushings are largely produced with this technology. OM Incerti offers, using its suppliers network, milling, hobbing, broaching, grinding and all heat and surface treatments to specification.

Officina Meccanica Incerti, which has been in the third party machining business for many years, is committed to maintaining high productivity and optimizing costs thanks to efficient work cycles in the supply of large batches.

It has several CNC lathes with both single and double tool turrets, single-spindle and double-spindle machines with bar passages from diameter 6 up to Ø 80 (mm), with which it produces mechanical components mainly used in the agricultural and earth-moving machinery sector.


This mechanical process, often performed cold, allows a thread to be obtained by plastic deformation of metal.

The structure of a thread obtained by rolling has several advantages such as

  • reduced production times
  • superior stress and tear resistance
  • greater precision due to polished finish of ridges and definition of threaded profile
  • better post-assembly component adhesion due to aspects of the previous point
  • higher tensile and torsional strength characteristics compared to a thread obtained by machining

This process compacts the metal fibres beyond their elastic limit and impresses the thread ridges on the outer surface of a part, usually turned to a given preparation diameter.

OM Incerti in its operations uses this technology. Moreover, having several pairs of rollers at its disposal, it is able to supply its customers with threads with both 6g and 2m tolerance, particularly suitable for tie rods and studs in the fastener industry.

Raw Material Warehouse

Our steel warehouse is inside the company and covers an area of approximately 1000 m².

Its layout has been designed to facilitate the flow of production where both storage and machining operations performed on raw bars are carried out in this area. The department is equipped with a band saw and a chamfering machine to perform cutting and chamfering operations before the turning phase.

Raw materials area also has a dedicated entrance and is equipped, for the entire length of its span, with a crane with a capacity of 5 tonnes, allowing the bundles of material to be handled safely.

This makes it possible to manage raw material in an orderly manner from its entry into the warehouse to its final preparation for the production line.

OM Incerti has gained solid experience in the machining of the steels most commonly used in the production of mechanical parts:

  • Automated Steels
  • Cementation and Quenching steels, both Alloy and Non-Alloy
  • Non-Alloy Steel for Structural Applications
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze and Bronze Alloy Aluminium



Finished Product Warehouse

Shipping department is behind the machine park and divided into several well-organized areas.

First area is equipped with an industrial immersion washing machine necessary to remove machining residues and coat parts with a rust protective coating after washing the components. Also in this department is a tumbling station where special ceramic granules can be used to remove burrs and small surface defects as well as polish external surfaces.

Second area is dedicated entirely to machining material. After the internal turning phase, various parts are destined for external processing such as heat treatments, grinding, broaching, welding, bending and surface coatings.

Last sector is destined for the finished product, handling both closed order deliveries and Kanban deliveries in special packaging agreed with the customer.

Each sector at OM Incerti is identified and organized according to specific internal procedures.