Raw Material Warehouse Management

Raw material warehouse management is a broad terminology that includes several aspects.

First operation is material supply and OM Incerti relies on the main steel mills and distributors in the country.

Wherever possible, a 3.1 material certificate is requested and filed for each casting purchased.

Remaining on the subject of traceability, the company management system, recently updated, records each new entry of material associating it with an internal article code. Specific steel descriptions, quantities and supplier data can be managed in this database.

This information, based on internal procedures, will physically accompany the bar bundles in each subsequent processing phase thanks to a special identification tag.

The location is organized in areas equipped with both vertical and horizontal cantilevers, subdivided by type of steel. These areas are well signposted, with two-factor identification, in order to ensure maximum control over stocks and monitor their handling processes.

Finally, the strategic location close to the machine department allows the regular supply of the production lines.

Clear identification, an organized structure and constant staff training are elements the company focuses on to better manage stock and raw material requirements (MRP).

Planning and Production

In 2022, OM Incerti invested in manpower and a new management system in order to schedule every planning detail.

This support implementation makes it possible to check forecasts and manage customer orders from a Lean Production perspective.

Based on this data, it is possible to efficiently organize our production department by defining how, which and how many resources to employ.

Company’s aim and commitment is to avoid material waste and over-saturation of the machine load.

Furthermore, by applying this approach, it is possible to respect production priorities by calculating in advance the timing of:


internal and external work phases

controls necessary to ensure product conformity

This management includes a set of integrated processes, starting from the receipt of raw materials up to the dispatch of finished products, where each phase must be optimized to manage the entire flow of goods in a controlled and effective manner.

OM Incerti’s resources combine their experience and expertise to ensure the effective planning required to fulfill customer orders on time.


OM Incerti, although aware of its experience and historicity, continues to maintain high standards of product control, especially in its internal turning phase.

Recently targeted investments have been made to renew both the bench instrumentation, which is fundamental in dimensional checks on board the machine, and to extend the metrology room.

There is now a fully-equipped quality control room in the company to measure all dimensions at the first piece approval stage before each production run.

Each control instrument is regularly calibrated by certified external bodies, thus guaranteeing a cross-check that is always up-to-date.

Product Quality, Process Quality and Supplier Quality are constantly monitored.

We have been an ISO 9001 certified company since 2013, so we adopt in our production system the high quality standards required by the standard itself and where applicable the standards of our customers.

In addition to control, quality assurance is not compromised. The integration and updating of internal procedures is necessary in order to define and not lose sight of the fundamental quality criteria with a view to continuous improvement.

Where necessary and upon specific request, OM Incerti is able to provide all certification relating to the properties of the raw material, dimensional control sheets, heat treatment certificates and sampling documentation on new products.

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Shipping Department Management

Our dispatch department handles both the material for the work account and all the finished products. It also takes care of intermediate finishing stages such as small assemblies, tumbling operations and finished products washing in the industrial washing machine.

This treatment together with appropriate packaging allows us to guarantee, especially for parts without surface treatments, both greater protection against corrosion and compliance with any requirements on degrees of contamination.

All processed and semi-processed products are stored within the factory in a Modula vertical warehouse or in specially organized areas in shipping department.

All Kanban packaging is also carried out in this area of the warehouse. The system provides, for each component, a number of standardized containers with predefined quantities of pieces that replenish the depleted stock. Kanban and FIFO principles aim to optimize the production flow, respect defined lead times and reduce unnecessary WIP stock levels.

OM Incerti takes care of synchronizing all the handling phases of a finished part by preparing the correct packaging before each move.

In relation to goods shipped in 2023, digital archiving has been introduced in order to keep traceability of all documentation relating to each work order.

For years, this attention to detail has enabled the company to manage repetitive production, external processing by its subcontractors and the satisfaction of customer requests.