1976 – Creation of O.M. Incerti

The mechanical workshop O.M. Incerti s.r.l. was established in 1976 in Novellara (RE) as O.M. Pellini&Incerti s.n.c by two founding partners, Corrado Pellini and Gianni Incerti.

A small production company that began its artisan tradition by supplying mechanical parts for the agricultural sector, mostly destined for well-known tractor manufacturers in the area.

Many of those large companies of the time are still in operation and are long-standing customers of O.M. Incerti.

Turning from bar stock was carried out using automatic cam-type machines and then switched to hydraulic lathes with a perforated tab.

1989 – 2006

In 1989 our company expanded and moved from Via Massimo D’Azeglio to Via Ampere 16/18, also in Novellara.

1996 saw the first TNA 300, an entirely numerically controlled turning machine. This was just the beginning of the renewal and expansion of the company’s machine park, which is still ongoing.

In 2006, after the first five TNA 300s, came the first TNA 400, a CNC machine capable of machining bars up to a diameter of 80 mm.

A complete replacement of all old cam-type machines and hydraulic lathes with a perforated card will be completed over the next six years.


In 2011 were introduced an optical machine in order to enhance dimensional control during production and the first internal procedures of the quality system.

In 2013 the company was certified ISO 9001 and approached its first generational change in 2015 with a renaming to O.M. Incerti s.r.l., turning the company over to the Incerti family. The new management, made up of Gianni Incerti’s sons, did not stop investment and between 2015 and 2016 quality control became a real metrology room.

Along with a hardness tester and an optical machine come a profilometer, a roundness tester, a roughness tester and a digital altimeter all supplied by Mitutoyo.

In those years, resources were not only invested in equipment in the quality department but also in other departments.

In 2017, in order to optimise spaces in Via Ampere site, which is ever closer to O.M. Incerti needs, is added to the shipping department a Modula vertical warehouse with 48 drawers and a load capacity of 36,000 kg.


In 2020 the completely renovated machine fleet needs more space. In winter of the same year, the company completed the relocation to its current location in Via Edison 7/A in Novellara in a new 3000 m² space.

In the new facility there are offices on two levels, the production department is organized with a new layout and considerable advantages in the layout of the machinery.

In this new plant, the steel warehouse is completely covered and equipped with a dedicated overhead crane. Furthermore, the shipping department, in addition to the Modula vertical warehouse, is enlarged with new areas dedicated to the management of work-in-process material and the finished goods warehouse.

Finally, in the company center, a new metrology room is set up next to the production department.

2021 – 2023

In 2021 a company reorganization takes place, also due to a necessary generational change, which sees the inclusion of several figures in the purchasing, planning and quality departments as well as the arrival of the second Biglia B750YS twin-spindle lathe in production.

In 2023 O.M. Incerti s.r.l. while remaining a family-run company and without forgetting its origins, continues to work every day to increase its structure and level of expertise just as the market dictates.

This allows it to guarantee seriousness in supply service and repay the trust of its customers for over 40 years.